Welcome to Equalize Fitness

Our ethos is simple:

When your body and mind are working together, are in sync with one another, anything is possible and all goals can be achieved.  

The essence of Dynamic Stability Fitness is just that, using the body with the mind to increase strength, realignment, to fire muscles properly, re-program the brain, better development of muscle memory, tackle dysfunction, increase cardiovascular health and keep the body moving, enhancing the brains capabilities and function. 

At the Equalize Fitness Studio 'EVERYTHING' we do has a foundation in dynamic stability fitness. From the progressive framework of Stott Pilates and the disciplines of MatWork, Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Stability Chair, Halo Training and TotalBarre, to Bosu Elite Training, Sport Workshops, Personal Training, Evolutionary BootCamps and Massage Therapy. We have the ability to assist in self development, challenge, correction and direction. We can wrap any of our services and disciplines around a client with the maximum effect. No matter what the goal, be it short term or long term, Equalize will go the distance.  

We also do not believe in working in isolation, should any client be receiving specific specialist treatments or have a sports coach we will work with the other professionals in order to create and deliver a comprehensive training program. A program that enhances current treatments and training regimes.  

We work with clients on an individual, small group and exercise class basis. Programming and classes available aim to help restore and increase fitness levels, bring challenges, strengthen, progress, encourage and motivate the individual, whether its in a one to one or group setting. We also specialise in programming for people with specific needs such as sport orientation, pre-natal, breast cancer recovery, non-flexion, age groups - elderly and teenagers.