Dynamic Stability

Dynamic Stability Classes

The DS (DYNAMIC STABILITY) classes incorporates the Bosu Elite, Halo Trainer, Surge, RMT Clubs and training accessories to maximise the dynamic stability effect. Your body will have to work, not just from the core; but everywhere, there is literally no escape. It's cardio, its anaerobic, it's aerobic, it's pumping, it's targeting and IT'S FUN.

This challenge is a 55 minute workout. Looking for more of a challenge? check out our 2 hour classes under UNLEASH THE BEAST SERIES.

Family Sessions/Private Group

Dynamic Stability Challenge for the family -

This is a 55 minute private group combining strength training and fitness for the ages in the family. Using the framework of DS and Pilates foundations. Using the body with the body and against the body to increase strength, realign and develop. Main equipment used: Bosu Elite, Halo Trainers, Surge, FluiBalls and the body.

Its a wonderful private class for the family to bond and work together. It can also be for children aged 6-15 years if parents are looking for fitness for their children in a small private group.

Core Fusion Classes

Core Fusion combines Pilates and Dynamic Stability Fitness. Utilising MatWork and the most recent DS equipment to challenge, enhance and build with. Multilevel ability and body mechanic training are key features in this 55 minute class.